Help! Please Explain Internet Marketing – Part 1

The purpose of this article is to explain the basics of internet marketing, to those just starting out in this lucrative business. Going on my own experience, I was so excited to start, having read all the promotional materials, and watched a lot of videos. I soon signed up with different affiliate programs, excited that I will be making money from home soon. But I soon realized I had very little understanding of the terms or directions that these companies provided. I felt confused and alone, not knowing anything about article marketing, SEO, affiliation, back linking, blogging, word press, CPC, and the list went on. Was I ripped off, scammed, and lied too? Looking back it may have seemed like it at the time, but actually, it was that I knew nothing about this industry or its terms. My lack of education in this field was the real problem. Realizing this early on, I was determined to educate myself from many sources to get the best overall education.

The follow list will give beginners a basic explanation of internet marketing, MLM.

1. OK, so how does internet marketing work? Basically, its selling products, and, or services online. Often these products can be sold with commissions paid for every sale you make. You then make further commission on that product, when people who bought from you, then sell that product to others, and so on. Hence the name MLM, or, Multi-Level Marketing.

2. What’s a Blog and how is it different to a website? A blog is basically a website that has constant updates in its content. E.g. a photographer’s website may have new posts or small articles that are updated daily, weekly, or monthly regarding his projects. This keeps his followers up to date with what’s happening in his business or his daily life. He may even have forums or discussions as well. Websites on the other hand have much more consistent content that rarely changes, e.g., a bank website. Though blogs are really websites, they are a lot more personal and interactive, so they are used by most successful internet markets.

3. What’s the advantage of a blog in internet marketing? With internet marketing, it’s all about connecting with people. If you don’t connect, you will fail, without a doubt. A blog will be your central hub, from where you can implement many exposure strategies, and direct people to your products and services you want them to purchase.

4. Articles, how important are they? Articles are the back bone of your network marketing business, because it provides people with reason to visit your blog, and that gives you the opportunity to offer your products and make potential sales. It’s all about getting traffic to your blog. You wouldn’t open a shop where no one can find you would you? Off course not! Think of articles as a type of advertising that directs high traffic to your shop front (AKA Blog). I know personally, 10 different ways, of the top of my head, that you can use just 1 article to laser point large volumes of traffic to your site. (This I will discuss in depth in an upcoming blog on my site).

5. ” I don’t know how to write articles, help.” Confused as to what to write? Don’t let that stop you. You can write an article about your life experience, or how you have tried many types of businesses. Write something that you would personally relate to, and what you would think would be of value or help to others. Remember, without value in your articles, people won’t read them.

In part 2 of, “Help! Please Explain Internet Marketing”, we will look further into what is SEO, WordPress, and social media. Remember, this is a basic introduction to newbies, providing an overall picture of how this business operates. As you advance, you will start to see great rewards in your business that you have generated. All the best and hope to see you in part 2.